I had the opportunity to sing with The Studs Lonigan Experience for 7 months while living in Seoul, South Korea.


 Lemonade is from years back during The Soundheads period but didn’t make the album.

German original[4]English translationKomm, süßer Tod, komm selge Ruh!Komm führe mich in Friede,weil ich der Welt bin müde,ach komm! ich wart auf dich,komm bald und führe mich,drück mir die Augen zu.Komm, selge Ruh!Come, sweet death, come blessed rest!Come lead me to peacefor I am weary of the world,oh come! I wait for you,come soon 

Interviewed Tammi Molad-Hayo for a behind the scenes scoop of All For Peace radio

A journalist by profession and a peace and social justice activist, Tammi is the program manager for All for Peace and currently hosts the morning show, a current affairs live show that tackles the real issues that interest the Israeli Public (the economy, human and civil rights, feminist issues, etc), as well as other programs. She is also the co-editor of “On The Left Side”, an online column, and works with other social change organizations such as the Citizens Accord Forum, Festival Beshekel, and the Israeli Center for Social Justice. She also teaches social economics and social activism in various educational frameworks, and currently resides in west Jerusalem with her family.

East side to west side

Volunteering at All For Peace Radio.

staying at this sweet hostel. 

Everyday day something exciting happens here in 

the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Music by 13 and God, Myself

September 8th “Move Me” hosting with Glorius Martin from Abstract Pack

September 8th “Move Me” hosting with Glorius Martin from Abstract Pack